Sorority Fashion Show Defies Stereotypes

Sorority Fashion Show Defies Stereotypes

In honor of NEDAW and their sorority’s philanthropy, Delta Phi Epsilon at Indiana University put on a fashion show to raise awareness and promote positive body image. Appropriately called “Comfortable In Your Jeans,” the show featured twenty-four women from fourteen sororities who were all encouraged to wear whatever they wanted in an effort to get us to realize they were more than what meets the eye. The first model was announced by name, and then something shocking happened. Rather than detailing her outfit, the emcee described who the girl was as a person: “This is Sam, and she’s a world traveler.” The crowd was receptive.

“We dwell so much on how society thinks of us,” DPhiE and event coordinator Mary Christopoulos (no relation to Uncle Jesse Katsopolis) told The Indiana Daily Student. “You are more than just a number on the scale. We want people to get up in the morning, look in the mirror and say, ‘I look good today.’”

Sorority Fashion Show Defies Stereotypes

Usually the best part of a fashion show is the free clothes — not that I’ve ever participated in one, but I can imagine that a campus full of sorority girls coming together to promote positive body image is just as rewarding. Non-participants wore purple t-shirts that said “Just Wear It.” The event was a huge success.

Other performances by campus dance groups and the like were scattered intermittently throughout the event, including a description of The Body Project, “an IU initiative to spread positive body images.”

Keep up the good work, girls.

[via The Indiana Daily Student]

Image via Mary Christopoulos

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