Here’s How To Get The Best PNMs

Think back to a time, maybe not too long when you were a scared, little PNM. You went from house to house during recruitment, attempting to make small talk with whoever had the task of not making you feel like the ball of nerves you were. Why were you nervous though? These girls were only a few years older than you. Was it the chanting? The skits? Maybe the smiles they never seemed to drop?

Or was it the fact that every member looked absolutely flawless head to toe?

We all had that one house during recruitment. The house where every. single. member. looked effortlessly stylish. They had it together. Your little PNM eyes glimmered as you walked through the door and saw a group of such gorgeous, impeccably styled women encouraging you to join them. You were dying to ooze that same confidence that this group of women possessed. You wanted in.

It’s not rocket science. The key to getting an envy worthy pledge class is simple: presentation, presentation, presentation. The tough truth is, dressing cute is a sure fire way to stand out, and the same t-shirt and white jeans that every other house is wearing is not how to do that. All they see is sorority dresses, and not the norts and baggy t-shirts you’re probably wearing every day. They don’t need to know that (yet).

Luckily looking like a chic recruitment goddess is a lot easier than you think. Revelry has you covered. The website is an online boutique dedicated to making cute sorority recruitment apparel for all your rush needs. They’ve got you completely hooked up in the sorority clothing department. You can get discounts on group orders as small as 15, wide size ranges up to 3XL, free custom sizing, and it’s all affordable.

The first step to achieving that flawless chapter look during recruitment is Revelry’s super simple Sample Boxes. Samples arrive in sizes S through XL, so the entire chapter can pick the right size before buying. Boxes come with free shipping both ways, so you see the styles and color swatches up close, then send them back with the pre-paid UPS return label. Easy as can be. Plus, if you don’t love the fit, fabric, or style, Revelry will send you a second Sample Box for free. Since you’re probably saving up for Spring Break right now, you can get 50% off the sample boxes using the exclusive TSM promo code: TSM50.

And if you’re a No Frill campus? No prob. Revelry has t-shirt dresses for all Bid Day, game day, and other casual chapter outfitting needs.

Revelry_Sorority_Sweet Tea_Olivia Shorts_Pink_AD 2



Adorable, right? Feel free to thank me later. Say hello to a successful recruitment.

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