Sophia Grace Releases A New Club Banger Titled “Best Friends” And The Video Does Not Include Her BFF

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Sophia Grace and Rosie give me life. The British accents, the tutus, the sass: it’s all I could want and more. I love that I can proudly say, “Hey R&B community, my favorite rapper is an 11-year-old from Essex with a love for all bows and the color pink, and that’s okay.” It’s really quite liberating. When Sophia Grace released her first solo smash single, “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun,” I felt so alive. Even though it was Sophia’s time to shine, we got to see the duo in the video dance around and eat cupcakes like all BFFs do. The video was a shining example of friendship.

Well, Sophia Grace just released her second single, “Best Friends,” and let me tell you, the track is fire. I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard it in the club while downing my fifth vodka Red Bull. Seriously give it a listen — it’s a G-rated “Partition.” So good.

While I loved the video and its shameless advertising for their Kmart line, I was a little devastatingly sad to see Rosie missing out on the action. The song begins with the lyrics, “Who’s my number one girl? Who’s my number one girl? Where she go? Where she at?” If this is a cryptic message to Rosie, I’m dying to know what happened. Obviously her number one girl is Rosie.


The song ends begging the question, “Who’s my number one girl? Who’s my number one girl? Who’s my number one girl? Who’s my number one girl?” I hope it’s still Rosie, because I don’t think I could handle that breakup. Come back, Rosie. We miss you, and everyone knows that every brunette needs a blonde by her side.

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