Someone Took A Poll Of The Most Popular Panties Of Each State, And The Results Are Really Bizarre

Someone Took A Poll Of The Most Popular Panties Of Each State, And The Results Are Really Bizarre

Panties. Underwear. Lingerie. Bloomers. Whatever you choose to call them, we all wear them, and we all have a favorite type. The people over at True & Co. took a survey of their customers to find the most popular undies of each state, and the results are weirdly varied.

I’m not one to generalize people based on their fashion sense. Well, maybe a little bit. Okay, fine, I definitely judge people based on what they wear. But can you blame me? Just take a look at the map below, and try not to judge some of these terribly misguided favorites.


• Pennsyvlania: White cotton loungewear
• New York: Black nylon bras
• Vermont: Red lace boudoir bodysuits
• Delaware: Green silk lounge tops
• Massachusetts: Yellow polymide panties
• Connecticut: Pink lace panties
• Rhode Island: Multicolor panties
• New Hampshire: Blue lace panties
• Maine: Nude nylon bras


• North Dakota: Multi-color nylon panties
• South Dakota: Gray bras
• Minnesota: Red microfiber mesh bras
• Wisconsin: Gray satin bras
• Iowa: Purple silk bras
• Nebraska: Black bras
• Kansas: Blue rayon loungewear
• Missouri: Multicolor boudoir bodysuits
• Illinois: White polymide panties
• Indiana: Green cotton panties
• Ohio: Multi-color cotton panties
• Michigan: Black lace camisoles


• Texas: Multicolor satin boudoir bodysuit
• Oklahoma: Red cotton panties
• Arkansas: Yellow nylon bras
• Louisiana: Pink nylon panties
• Mississippi: Blue bras
• Tennessee: Gray nylon loungewear
• Kentucky: Purple panties
• Alabama: Pink camisoles
• Georgia: Orange microfiber bras
• South Carolina: Nude cotton bras
• North Carolina: Brown nylon panties
• Florida: White silk panties
• West Virginia: Green nylon bras


• Hawaii: White nylon bras
• Alaska: Purple nylon bras
• Washington: Multicolor flannel pajamas
• Oregon: Green rayon bras
• California: Blue polyester bras
• Nevada: Black bras
• Utah: Pink bras
• Idaho: Pink cotton panties
• Montana: Black cotton underwear
• Wyoming: Nylon bras
• Colorado: Red flannel loungewear
• Arizona: Yellow nylon bras
• New Mexico: Multicolor lace panties

So far, this is what we’ve learned:

1. Pennsylvania is full of virgins.
2. Michigan is so cold that they have given up on wearing bras, because who can tell under three layers of sweatshirts?
3. Texas is hot, and no one is surprised.
4. Georgia is taking this “Georgia peaches” idea a little too seriously.
5. Colorodo women consider “red flannel loungewear” to be “panties,” but then again, so would we if we lived in the mountains and weed was legal.
6. Florida women should stray from white, because who are they kidding?
7. Vermont is very promiscuous, which actually makes sense considering the entire state is shaped like a “V.”
8. The women of Washington have officially given up.
9. Connecticut is sorority as hell, and they get a bid.
10. Missouri women have thriving sex lives, because what else is there to do there?

[via BuzzFeed]

Images via BuzzFeed

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