Someone Released An Extremely Important Message About The Education System, And You Need To See It Now


“I was not taught the laws for the country I live in,
but I know how Henry the VIII killed his women.
Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived
glad that’s in my head instead of financial advice.”

From the start of our lives, we’ve been programmed to get an education. We were told that it was necessary to ace all of our classes, learn the material (or at least memorize it for the test), seek a degree, and gain the knowledge that the teachers taught us. We were promised that that knowledge was the most valuable currency in the world, and without it, we’d fail. We’ve each devoted more than a decade to cramming these facts into our brains so that when we “grew up,” we would be able to face the world, prepared. Well, what if someone was to tell you that despite all those years of school, all of the memorization, and all of the tests, the education system has already failed you?

That’s exactly what David Brown wants you to know.

On February 2, he released a video on YouTube titled “Don’t Stay In School” under the username Boyinaband. In two days, it has already received around 250,000 views, and it continues to climb. As soon as I heard the title, however, I thought it was going to be some bullshit message about high tuition costs. Little did I know, it was actually the most honest, urgent, and vital message for the state of education that I have ever seen.


If we’re going to be honest here, he hit the nail on the head. I know all of those pointless facts, but when it comes to being a real, functioning adult? That shit is hard. Taxes? 401(k)s? Finding a job? That’s the stuff that I had no idea how to do. Even though my eighteen years of school were supposed to prepare me for the real world, I wasn’t ready to be an “adult” when I received my diploma.

Despite the #DontStayInSchool hashtag, the message isn’t to drop out. As he recently announced on Twitter, Brown wants to promote a change in the education system to better prepare future generations for the “adult world.”

Considering the fact that I can still say the quadratic formula in my sleep but I just had to Google my basic human rights, something is off. Thanks for raising awareness, Boyinaband. We throw our pointless schoolbooks, and hashtags, up for you. #DontStayInSchool.

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Rachel Varina

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