Someone Put A Picture Of The Wrong School On WSU’s School Planner

I was never much of a planner girl. I know, I know. Saying “I don’t use a planner” in a sorority is like saying “bomb” in an airport, but calendars, planners, and organizational skills of any kind were just things that never worked for me. I was always one of the few who stuck to the free planners they gave away at the bookstore, wrote my exam schedule for the semester into it, and then never looked at it again. So NS. So, so so NS. But I know I can’t be the only one.

The poor, poor girls who share in this NS-ery with me at Washington State University are feeling a whole new level of regret this week and it has nothing to do with anything they after the bars. In failing to keep up with the Joneses and splurge on a designer planner, they got a big slap in the face when they realized their new, free, flimsy campus planner was splattered with a giant photo of an iconic building at their rival school, the University of Washington.

Here is there planner.


Here is one of the first photos that comes up when you Google image UW.



The store manager responsible for the screwup has not been answering phone calls, but these are (probably) sorority girls — experts in stalking — you’re dealing with, sir. They will find you.

[via Seattle Times]

Images via Facebook, University of Washington

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