Someone Imagined What Disney Princesses Would Look Like With Short Hair And It’s Not Great


Welcome to the internet, where strangers will ruin your childhood (and subsequently your life) for no apparent reason. Reddit users have begun chopping the beautiful locks off our your favorite Disney princesses, and you should probably be upset about it. I get that it’s fun to imagine Disney princesses in alternate scenarios, but this is one trend I just can’t get behind.

To be fair, I have to admit that some princesses still look bangin’ with shorter ‘dos. Some people genuinely look good with short hair, and if I had the decent bone structure (or even the slightest knowledge of how to contour), I might try it out. Ariel looks dynamite and Cinderella doesn’t look like total shit while channeling a very Ellen-esque cut, but I still can’t help but cringe. Elsa isn’t the same without her braid and I don’t even have the time to explain how emotionally scarring it was to see Snow White with a bald head.


Image via MoviePilot

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