Some Dude Makes Creepy Mashup Of Tri Delt Recruitment Videos

Some Dude Makes Creepy Mashup Of Tri Delt Recruitment Videos

Five months ago, I got an incredible tip. Kappa Delta, SAE and Beta at GW were too arrogant, too uncreative, or both to create their own airband dance, so they took to YouTube and completely jacked an existing routine from DG at Chapman. It was incredible. The dances were identical from beginning to end, except that DG killed and the GW Greeks absolutely humiliated themselves.

Today, I get a tip that I like even better — or at least just as much. Gamma Phi Beta at Texas A&M worked hard on their recruitment video this past year, because duh, it’s recruitment. It turned out really great, and the girls got a great new pledge class, and rah, rah, sisterhood. The video is actually super cute.

Then, they discovered something incredible — incredible for me, not for them. Some chapter of Tri Delt some unnamed place in the world totally jacked their video. Without permission or consultation, someone took clips from their recruitment video and added it to their own. It was almost too good to be true. Were these girls just simply not pretty enough? Did they think PNMs wouldn’t notice that the cuties in the video were nowhere to be found in the room? Were they simply too dumb to eliminate all the crescent moons. I was giddy as I watched the shit storm about to unfold.

I watched, and I giggled, and I fantasized about the millions I’d make when I broke this news. And by millions, of course, I mean my regular paycheck, as I am salaried. But as I watched, I started to notice something. I recognized some of this. Was it…? It was! Tri Delt from Indiana University, spliced in among the GPhiB love.

As it turns out, some dude spliced together four separate recruitment videos — the two above, along with FSU Tri Delt and U Nevada Tri Delt — for God knows what reason, and ended up with the weird mess of a video that would recruit approximately zero new members. And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling Gamma Phis and the fact that he didn’t fucking blur anyone’s faces.

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