Soldier Returns Home From Afghanistan And Surprises His Daughter In The Best Way Ever

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Most of us girls get material things for our birthdays, and we’re not complaining. But in this case, a 3-year-old girl got something much more meaningful when her father, US soldier Joshua Carr, returned from Afghanistan on her birthday. There are countless videos of heartwarming post-deployment reunions on the Internet, but Josh and his wife have topped them all with the following stunt. The girl’s parents decided to put the soldier in a huge box and have the little girl unwrap what had to be the single greatest gift ever given.

I can only imagine what she thought was inside, but no fantasy of a doll house or a new bike could have prepared the adorable little girl for what she was about to open. She spent a solid two minutes peeling the wrapping paper off a Kenmore refrigerator box before opening the lid and witnessing her dad pop out of the top with an enthusiastic “Hey!” Her face and reaction are priceless, as is the monumental moment when he wraps his arms around his daughter for the first time in months. The pure joy in their reunion is guaranteed to fill your eyes with tears and put a smile on your face. Brace yourself–feelings are coming.

[via Metro]

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