Social Media Is The Reason Why You’ll Never Be In A Healthy Relationship, Because Science

Social Media

Here’s a riddle for you: What’s everywhere you look, full of things you can’t see, and the reason why countless relationships have crashed and burned?

Ding ding ding! You got it! Social media! The place where random girls like your FWB’s pictures. The source of your insecurities because you STILL haven’t figured out your boyfriend’s Facebook password. The way you can still sort of keep tabs on your exes.

Our suspicions were right! It actually is the devil. And according to Daily Mail, it’s the reason why one in seven marriages crumble, fail, and end in divorce. You know, as opposed to death. A law firm called Slater and Gordon decided to do some research on this topic after countless couples came in saying that they wanted divorces. And the reason for their separation? Social media. Seriously. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat were causing TONS of problems. Like, “GTFO out of my life forever,” problems.

  • One in four couples fights weekly thanks to suspicious activity on social media.
    Like when he “accidentally” liked that picture of some skank in a barley-there bathing suit.
  • And 19 percent of couples fight DAILY thanks to suspicious activity.
    Because the “who the fuck is messaging you” fight never gets old.
  • A lot of the problems were thanks to the fact that social media lets people keep in contact with their exes.
    “Just saying hi” with an attached dick pick, isn’t exactly just saying hi.
  • Most people search social media for incriminating relationship evidence.
    Nothing like trying to find a reason to destroy your own relationship!
  • One out of five people say they feel uneasy about their relationship after discovering something on their SO’s social media.
    “Is there a reason you’re still friends with all of your exes or…?”

Thankfully, since we’re all in trusting relationships, this wont happen to us, right? LOL, wrong. Considering the fact that most of us would rather swear off sex forever than deactivate our accounts, we’re all pretty much fucked. But hey, at least we’re great at stalking other people’s lives. I’m fairly confident that this will come in handy when we end up old and alone with no one to like our Instagram pictures.

[via Daily Mail]

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