So Your Sister is On E-Board

So Your Sister is On E-Board

1. She will no longer be available for random nights out all the time.

Holding an e-board position is hard work, or so I hear. They’re expected to go to a lot more meetings and events. They’re now on the standards board too, so whenever someone does something stupid, it’s their problem to handle. Be prepared for some awkward encounters, too. Your bestie is now in charge of judging your behavior in front of the higher-ups of your sisterhood.

2. She won’t be as hilarious and embarrassing in public.

Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re wearing your letters no matter what you’re wearing, but every now and then we all get embarrassing in public. We have one too many and grab the microphone and wobble a little. The difference is that when you’re on e-board, you’re supposed to be an example of how to act for all of your other sisters. So when you announce to everyone at the bar that it’s your sister’s birthday and try to make her do shots with the hot bartender, don’t be surprised if she politely declines.

3. New group message etiquette.

I value my pledge class group messages more than anything. It’s the one place where fifty girls can be brutally honest about the goings on of sorority life without holding back. But since new execs have been appointed, you must begin to censor your speech. For instance, where you used to say “This meeting is a joke, I missed the Bachelor for this shit” you would have to say “Glad we got all of this taken care of ladies! Who can update me on who got a rose?” When your pledge sister is running the meeting in question, you don’t want to be offensive.

4. She will still be your right hand woman.

Don’t be intimidated by her newfound power. If anything, it will just help you have more influence in your sisterhood without actually having to do any of the work. She can encourage her fellow board members to have a little extra mercy on you when sitting at a standards meeting. She can give you the inside scoop on who is getting more volunteer hours for a stint they pulled at formal. In a way, she’s doing you a favor. If her little doesn’t call dibs and you decide that you actually want to step up to the plate, maybe she can hand her position down to you. You’re welcome.

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