So There’s An Ugly Christmas Sweater That Costs $30,000 And Nobody Is Sure Why


One of my favorite Christmas activities is attending ugly Christmas sweater parties. It’s fun seeing everyone drunkenly sport hideous Christmas clothing that your grandmother would wear. It just makes me happy. But not happy enough to spend $30,000 on one sweater that is literally designed to be ugly AF. Luckily for Christmas-obsessed rich folks, there is such a sweater. The garment was made by a brand called Tipsy Elves, which actually makes perfect sense.

Okay, surely people aren’t bat shit crazy enough to actually consider purchasing this thing. 24,724 hand-placed Swarovski crystals cover every single inch of this revolting item of clothing. The sweater features Santa, the planet Saturn, and a unicorn instead of a reindeer for some unknown reason. If it’s going to be that expensive and feature a flying animal, it better be a goddamn reindeer for crying out loud. The tackiest part of the sweater is the fake diamond necklace near the neckline. It’s blinding.

Those elves did a pretty damn good job making it ugly. They deserve a round of applause. It took an entire month to make the thing. Now I guess all we have to do is wait and see who blows their money on the ultimate ugly Christmas sweater.

[via Cosmo]

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Kellie Stritz

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