Sniffing This Rare Mushroom Will Instantly Give You An Earth-Shattering Orgasm

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The Big O. The fantastic finish. If you’ve never had an orgasm before, stop whatever you’re doing right now and buy a vibrator. Light some candles, put on “Magic Mike” or whatever gets your engine revving, and find your happy place (AKA your clit). How do you know if you’ve ever had an orgasm? If you don’t know if you have, you haven’t. Trust me. You would know.

Or if you want to go crazy and turn your quest for the big O into an actual vacation, just head to Hawaii. You can lay by the beach, indulge yourself at a Hawaiian luau, and maybe stop by a volcano for a casual mid afternoon orgasm.

Not kidding. There’s actually a bright orange mushroom that grows on certain ancient lava formations in regions of Hawaii that can make you cum instantly. No foreplay, no special alone time with this fungus needed. You just hike up a volcano, take a big whiff, and BAM. Orgasm on the spot.

From IFL Science:

Forming on lava flows 600–1000 years old, the unnamed Dictyophora species was deemed a very intense aphrodisiac when smelled by women – despite, or maybe because, of its “fetid” smell. The pair put the claim to the test by asking volunteers (I wonder how they whittled the number of applicants down?) to take a deep whiff, and recording their arousal levels. The results recorded in the Journal show a significant increase in arousal, with nearly half of the women experiencing spontaneous orgasms. All of the men, on the other hand, claimed it smelled absolutely disgusting.

FINALLY a fungus that gets us. I have absolutely zero problems with this mushroom being sexist and only working on girls. Guys can get off whenever they want, and they do, all the freaking time apparently. There are some women out there, and dare I say, a MAJORITY of women out there, who have never felt the pure ecstasy of an orgasm.

That’s not cool. Step it up, guys. And if you can’t step it up in the bedroom, take your girl on a nice vacation to Hawaii where you two can bond, relax, and while you’re asleep at the beach getting a sunburn, she can sneak off to find this magical orgasm-inducing mushroom and finally experience the wonders of the female orgasm.

[via IFL Science]

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