Snapchat Releases Official Statement: “Keep Your Clothes On!”

Snapchat Official Statement: "Keep Your Clothes On!"

Since it debuted, one of the main functions of Snapchat has been to send nudes. I know it, you know it, the American people know it. Even though we’ve all learned that there are ways around snaps disappearing, most of us have still sent nudes via Snapchat anyway, along with the obligatory pics of empty wine bottles, cute dudes from a distance, and food. But now, the people behind Snapchat are asking us not to use the app for what we all believe to be its main function – particularly if you are under 18.

Last week, Snapchat added what they call the “Snapchat Safety Center” to its website. Among the advice the center offers:

“Don’t send people Snaps they don’t want to receive—especially if the Snap is mean.”

“Be thoughtful about what you Snap and whom you send it to. It’s okay with us if someone takes a screenshot, but we can’t speak for you or your friends. Snapchat attempts to detect screenshots and notify the sender, but it doesn’t always work perfectly – and your friend can always capture the image with a camera.”

“Keep it legal. Don’t use Snapchat for any illegal shenanigans and if you’re under 18 or are Snapping with someone who might be: keep your clothes on!”

Given that half of Snapchat’s users are between the ages of 13 and 17, odds are pretty high that plenty of illegal Snapchats of a sexual variety are sent every day. I’m not sure that simply telling some teenagers not to do it in an online safety center is going to stop that. So I’ll plead my case to teens directly. Don’t ruin Snapchat for the rest of us. Please stop sending pics of your not quite fully grown penis and your training bra boobs to each other and wait until you’re of age. Otherwise, Snapchat could be over for us all – and then how am I going to send the hot guy in my physics class a drunk snap of my tits at 3:00 a.m.?

[via Business Insider]

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