Snapchat Releases New Version of Best Friends That Severely Limits Your Stalking Ability


It’s no secret that the old Snapchat system of displaying your best friends to everyone was ruining people’s lives. Many a breakup was predicated on some other girl being a guy’s Snapchat best friend instead of his girlfriend. I mean, what the hell besides her boobs could she possibly be snapping him with so often? Slut. Anyway, today Snapchat has released a new way to see who you’re closest to in Snapland that hopefully will no longer cause breakups/death threats.

According to TechCrunch, the new “Friend Emoji” system looks like this:

The best – and worst – part about this is that it’s completely private, so only you will see these emojis on your incoming snap screen. So while this may be good for your personal privacy, it eliminates the ability to see who else that dude you’ve been chasing is snapping on the regular. Although, on a positive note, I guess this means you can’t fall down the stalking rabbit hole, leaving more time for Netflix and pizza.

Snapchat also released two other new features today: a low-light camera to use in dark situations and a “Needs Love” list, comprised of people you used to snap a bunch but haven’t sent one to in awhile. Pretty sure I’m on that list with all of my snap friends – WHY DON’T YOU GUYS LOVE ME ANYMORE? Whoops, sorry, I’m feeling insecure today. But at least I won’t be able to wonder why I’m not my best friend’s Snapchat best friend anymore.

[via TechCrunch]

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