Snapchat Is About To Totally Completely Change


Well, folks. This is it. Times are a-changing. Just like when Facebook changed its timeline (again and again and again). Just like when we all forgot that Myspace was even a thing (RIP). Just like Instagram changing the layout we loved and forgot about. Our favorite social media du jour have been known to really eff things up, just when we were getting the hang of them.

Snapchat is no different.

Starting today, California will get its first taste of the “new” Snapchat that is literally changing everything. It’s called “memories” and it’s going to make the social media very, very different.

Basically, it’s a way to save and repost photos on Snapchat. But more than that, you can now FINALLY snap old pictures and ones from your camera rolls. So instead of having to put on makeup and look like a functioning person every time you want to send a cute selfie, you can just upload an old one. Obviously, this takes the raw, drunken, unperfect quality that we loved out of Snapchat but it also might mean we can FaceTune things before snapping, and therefore I can’t hate the update too much.

So not only can you post old, cute selfies, but you can also change geotags when you do a #tbt, you can have a “for my eyes only” file (which seems like something our boyfriends will love), and you can make your Snapchat life look just as good as your Instagram life, and in the end, isn’t that what we’ve always wanted? The rest of us peasants can expect the update in the next month, and until then we’ll just have to cherish Snapchat’s imperfections while we still can.

[via Buzzfeed]

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