SMU’s Kappa Alpha Theta’s New 7.3 Mill Sorority House Is Goals


Movies really ruined college for most of us, I think. All of the dorms were basically like little houses and everything was new and chic af. Elle Woods literally had an elliptical in her mansion-y Harvard dorm room and I could barely fit my bed. But, if you really want to keep your movie dorm room dreams up to snuff then you should really check out the Kappa Alpha Theta’s Sorority House at Southern Methodist University because it is straight up gorgeous.

As far as dorm rooms go it’s like the Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Tesla of the dorm room world…all combined. Robbie Fusch was the architect on the 28,000-square-foot Barbie dream house and he is known typically for high-end residential homes. He claims that “[they] weren’t searching for this job” and “that they something a little more out of the box than what the other sorority houses were doing” and the effort really paid off.






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Fusch alongside interior designer Margaret Chambers helped make the house a total dream. It has a full service elevator, fountains specifically designed to fill up your water bottles, a gorgeously lit patio among many other amazing features. Weirdly enough, the Theta’s wanted to keep the communal style bathroom instead of a suite style. It makes sense, getting ready in the morning really gives you a good sense of girl power.

The house only took 15 months to build and cost a whopping 7.3 million dollars. But it seems like none of the girls will be left wanting. The basement looks out on a perfectly landscaped yard, so no one has to endure a cruddy dark basement. In all honesty, it makes Elle Wood’s digs look like a total dump. I would like to move in ASAP, please.

[via D Magazine]

Images via Michael Hunter

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