Single Women Nationwide Are Going Crazy Over The “Sexy Felon” Mugshot

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You may have seen a “sexy felon” meme floating around your Facebook newsfeed recently, crammed somewhere between your token virgin sister’s humble brag about a service trip and your mom’s fifth consecutive picture of your cat in a box. If not, listen up. This story is really weird, but it’s ultimately about a really sexy chunk of grade-A man meat, so you’re going to want to pay close attention.

Jeremy Meek is a convicted felon. He was arrested last Wednesday with three other men during what I imagine was a pretty badass gun sweep in California. A local news article covering the incident read, “4 Arrested in Weapons Sweep; 1 Getting Extra Attention Online.” The “extra attention” here comes from very thirsty women who discovered Jeremy’s impossibly sexy mugshot, which was posted to the local police department’s Facebook page. The photo has been liked more than 95,000 times and it has almost 13,000 shares. Ladies, meet the godly male specimen who will steal your heart…as well as your TV, your laptop, and any spare cash you might have.


Yeah. He’s beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that people have already donated thousands of dollars to get him out of jail. Where he lives. Because he’s a criminal. What we’re basically learning here is that no matter how much of a law-defying asshole you are, people will be quick to forgive and fund a million dollar bailout if you look like a kinky hybrid of Chris Brown and David Beckham.

Everyone is so eager to see this guy become a male model that he has actually become a pretty famous Internet meme. Some genius with too much time on his hands and some intense Adobe skills photoshopped Meek’s head into some high-end brand ads and waited patiently for ovaries across the country to spontaneously self-combust.

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It’s worth noting that he has a wife, and she’s pretty pissed about the whole my-husband-is-a-famous-Internet-meme-becasue-he’s-sexy-and-also-a-criminal thing. This is understandable, but if I wound up married to a man with his bone structure, I’d pretty much conclude that I won at life and spend my time in a state of marital bliss. Maybe I’m shallow. Fuck it, I’m definitely shallow. But seriously, did you see that guy’s face?

He eventually agreed to an interview, where he responded to the situation with the following: “I just want them [admirers] to know that this is really not me, like I’m not some kingpin.” That may be true, Jeremy, but it doesn’t change the fact that I want to lick your face. The moral of the story? America is superficial, horny girls are capable of some pretty shocking things, and the Internet will never fail to surprise and arouse us.

[via Buzzfeed]

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