Signs You’re Suffering From Senioritis


Going into senior year is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. It’s to true when they say “time flies when you’re having fun.” Four years just isn’t long enough. It seems like yesterday when I accepted that bid, now I’m preparing to will down old lettered shirts.

The definition of senior is “of a more advanced age.” I remember when I was a freshman, I looked up that group of girls because they were so cool. They seemed to have it all together and were ready for the next thing out there. As a sophomore I started to notice their constant bitching about everything and lack of attendance to mandatory events. Finally as a junior, I was ready to wish them on their way just because they were negative about everything and didn’t want to do anything. They never wanted to go to anything or participate in any events. It seems like they think their seniority rank gave them the okay to just run the place and stop giving any fucks.

Here’s the thing: they simply don’t give a fuck at all. Everyone will complain about the seniors until they are actually a senior. Finally, being a senior puts everything into perspective and everything starts to make sense. We’ve done our time serving on exec and have gone to all the mandatory events. We’ve worked our way up the totem pole and deserve a break. So if we want to skip out on a philanthropy event, we’re probably going to. We’ve gone over fifty plus events during our time in school, so it’s time we get a break.

The next thing people start to say about seniors is that they’re so cliquey. But you know what, we have a short amount of time left at school. We’re going to spend this final semester with our best friends. After school is over we’re going to open our bedroom doors and not wake up to the face of our friends-turned-family. At college, it seems like every night is a sleepover with your best friend. So we’re spending all of our time with the friends we had from the start of our college career. We don’t intend to be cliquey. Some weekends when we leave campus to go out in the city for the night, we’re not being exclusive, it’s probably because our younger friends aren’t twenty-one yet and can’t get into the bars. Or hell, maybe we are being cliquey. Who cares? We earned it. Nothing against the babies in the chapter, but good things come to those who wait.

Finally, we’re doing the least with our appearance and just making the most of our final semester. Senioritis is a real thing and I thought it was bad in high school, but college senioritis is a whole different level. In a year from now, I’m probably going to have a job where I’ll have to look presentable and wear real clothes. But for now, I’m going to rock sweat pants, a ball cap, and no makeup to class. As a senior, there’s no one to impress and you’re just over the effort to dress up when going out. It’s only a matter of time until you realize it takes too much time to get ready when that time could be spent getting drunk. If I want to wear sweats to a party, I’m going to. So don’t call Joan Rivers whenever I’m wearing an outfit that isn’t put together at all, because I just don’t care. I’ve accepted that I’m a tad washed up but I’m making the most of this last semester.

So the bottom line is to stop complaining about seniors and their behavior. To the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors: your time will come eventually. In the meantime, enjoy your college experience, have fun, and keep doing your job on exec. But always remember to respect your elders.

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