Sigma Pi At Murray State Is Working To Fund A Child’s Chemotherapy

Sigma Pi At Murray State Is Working To Fund A Child’s Chemotherapy

It’s the season of giving. And while we all know that fraternities and sororities participate in philanthropy all year round, there’s something extra special about the stories we hear during the holidays. For some reason, the holiday spirit means extra feels when we hear stories of our brothers and sisters doing good. Last week, it was SAE At UCLA and their special relationship with a girl fighting cancer. And now this week, it’s Sigma Pi at Murray State that is stepping up for another young cancer patient.

When Caleb Ellis hearing from his girlfriend that a child at her work could not afford the chemotherapy treatment that the unnamed child needed, he didn’t just think “That’s too bad.” He did something about it. Ellis decided to start collect can tabs in an effort to fund at least one treatment, and hopefully more. He told The News], “As soon as I found out that this child’s family was having trouble being able to afford chemotherapy I knew that I needed to do something.”

And do something he did. Ellis started collecting “pop tabs” from cans, and also got his Sigma Pi brothers involved. Sigma Pi brother Sam Sonnier told The News] getting involved was a no brainer, and was pretty simple: “Most people think to be philanthropic you have to donate thousands of dollars. Helping your elderly neighbor rake leaves is philanthropy and easy too while making a huge difference for them.” Or, in this case, as easy as taking the tabs off of cans.

Together, the brothers collected hundreds of tabs, and raised enough money for one chemotherapy treatment, with some left over. The brothers are now striving to collect enough tabs to cover the cost of the entire treatment.

“I decided to collect these pop tabs because I believe everybody should have a fighting chance,” Ellis said.

Agreed, Caleb. Agreed.

If you want to help out, you can email Caleb here.

[via The News]

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