Sigma Kappa Attempts To Raise $17,000 For Housekeeper To Cover Funeral Costs After Her Best Friend Passed Away

Sigma Kappa Phyllis

The ladies of Sigma Kappa at the University of Missouri hold their housekeeper Phyllis near and dear to their hearts. She’s the lady they go to talk to — really talk to — when advisors and the house mom just won’t do. It’s that different kind of relationship and they really love Phyllis, whom I’m assured is featured in everyone’s Snapchat story at least three times a week.

After taking care of the girls for so long, it’s their turn to take care of her. Phyllis’s best friend recently passed away, and without life insurance, Phyllis is left to come up with the $17,000 it will take to properly bury her friend. Phyllis and her friends are trying to bake pies to raise the money, but as our tipster points out “I don’t really know what the going rate for pies for a good cause is but, it’s going to take nothing short of a miracle to help them reach their goal.”

So the girls have started a GoFundMe page to try to help surprise Phyllis with the money by next week:

When joining Sigma Kappa two years ago, I was blessed upon meeting the most selfless, friendliest, kindest, and spunkiest person I would ever meet- and that was our housekeeper Phyllis Neely. Phyllis was born and raised in our college town of Columbia, Missouri and has worked at Sigma Kappa for a little over 4 years since the re-founding of the Sigma Kappa’s chapter of Epsilon Mu. Everyone at Sigma Kappa knows Phyllis because she welcomes (I’m not exaggerating when I say this) EVERYONE who walks in the house and remembers everyone by name. Phyllis is there for everyones’ latest gossip, hardships, and victories. Recently, one of Phyllis’ best friends from highschool, Tamika, was killed in a drive by accident and has left Phyllis and her closest group of friends crushed by the death of their very lively friend. Tamika, as Phyllis quoted, loved life and all it had to endure and didnt let her age stop her from whatever she wanted to do; going out and spending time with her best friends, family, and loved ones she spent time with at her local church. Unfortuantely, Tamika doesn’t have enough life insurance funds, leaving Phyllis and her best friends to pay for the funeral costs (continue)

Phyills has NO idea the women of SIgma Kappa have made this GoFundMe Page, but by next Saturday they want to bury and say goodbye to their best friend Tamika, and we need your help! She is expected to fundraise/pay for over 17,000 and she wants to make pies/cookies/and cakes and sell them to the students of the University of Missouri. In addition to her fundraising, we the women of Sigma Kappa, want to help her out as much as we can. ANYTHING WILL DO/HELP! We just want to help Phyllis the way shes helped us which was being an amazing house keeper, mentor, and most of all- friend. Please consider donating to an amazing friend of Epsilon Mu’s and of everyone she meets. Thank you for reading! God bless you!

Please help the girls reach their goal and help mend this woman’s broken heart.

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