Sigma Chi At Northwestern Catches On Fire During Rush Event

Sigma Chi At Northwestern Catches On Fire During Rush Event

A fire broke out at the Sigma Chi fraternity house at Northwestern on Tuesday evening during a rush event. How, you may ask? Did they rush so hard that it was literally lit? Was their party so fire, that the house caught fire? Did the Fireball manifest into actual balls of fire due to the absolute greatness going on?

No, no. It was candles. The guys had lit candles. For rush.

The fraternity had used a bed sheet (NS) to create a backdrop (TSM) for the event, in a “candle-lit room on the second floor.” Are they rushing these guys or seducing them? I thought the creepy candle shit didn’t happen until initiation. Someone forgot to blow out the candles, probably because he needed the candle’s light to locate his manhood, when the bed sheet fell and caught fire.

Luckily, no one was hurt, because one of the brothers was able to quickly put the fire out with a fire extinguisher (*wracks brain trying to remember where my fire extinguisher is located*), but the floor is now covered in ash and soot, and smells like smoke. The fire department responded to the scene, and evacuated the house for an hour, before it was cleared for the brothers’ triumphant return.

That’s what you get for putting up a tacky bed sheet as a curtain, you plebes. But really, stay safe out there. Glad everyone’s okay.

[via The Daily Northwestern]

Image via Google Street View

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