Sexual Assault Offenses Might Be Listed Next To Your GPA On College Transcripts Soon

Sexual Assault Offenses Might Be Listed Next To Your GPA On College Transcripts Soon

In an attempt to decrease sexual assault instances on college campuses, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced legislation called “Enough is Enough” that has two direct consequences. The first is requiring college students to use affirmative consent, meaning that only an enthusiastic “yes” from your partner means they give consent, in order to prevent any sexual consent grey area. The second consequence would require sexual assault violations to be listed on student’s college transcripts.

As scary as it is to think about, one in three women are sexually assaulted while in college. Since the offenses usually take place on campus property, it’s up to the university’s judicial board to investigate and decide the punishment. This new legislation would make the consequences for committing a sexual crime on campus more severe than just probation.

The bill also states that if a students tries to weasel his way out of punishment and drops out of the college before disciplinary action can be taken, a special note will be added to their transcript saying the student “withdrew with conduct charges pending.”

Many schools don’t include this information on their transcripts, allowing students who have committed sexual assault to change schools without anyone knowing about their past violations. It’s unfair, because that’s not how the law works. If you’ve ever been found guilty of a crime and you move, your record follows you wherever you go.

Would this really deter sexual assault? Only time will tell. Virginia was the first state to note this type of violation on its transcripts, and if the bill passes in New York, it could encourage other states to follow that lead.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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