Selena Gomez Is Starring In Her Own Netflix Show Based On This Amazing Book You Read As A Teen


Selena Gomez has recently made a comeback in a major way. After revealing that she was diagnosed with lupus and taking some time off from the spotlight to focus on her health, she came out with her new album called “Revival” just two weeks ago.

The album gave us gems like “Good For You,” which comedian Daniel Tosh made an epic recreation of, and “Same Old Love,” undoubtedly written about her ex, Justin Bieber.

Not only is she dominating the music scene, but it has now been announced that Selena will coming to Netflix soon. The actress turned singer is going back to her acting roots to play the lead role in a miniseries based on the young adult novel, “13 Reasons Why​” by Jay Asher. If you ever read this book, you must be flipping out just like I am. This book had me crying and sobbing while reading it way past my bedtime under the covers in high school.

In the book, Hannah Baker is a high school students who commits suicide and explains why she did it through cassette tapes, who she gives to a guy named Clay before she dies. It’s emotional and heartbreaking and I’m already tearing up just thinking about how it will be portrayed on the small screen.

The pilot was written by playwright Brian Yorkey, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his musical ​”Next to Normal​” so you know he’s going to do a good job with this. Selena will play Hannah Baker, but there’s no word on who will play Clay. There’s also no set release date yet, but keep your eyes peeled because you’re going to want to watch this the second it comes out.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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