Seemingly Standard Fraternity Brawl At UGA Ends In Gunshot

Seemingly Standard Fraternity Brawl At UGA Ends In Gunshot

Fraternity and sorority rivalries are practically as old as fraternities and sororities themselves. While the ladies tend to fight the good, old-fashioned way — behind each other’s backs — fraternity brawls are all but an integral part of the culture, generally a result of too much booze following a prank that got out of hand. Normally, they consist of five to ten brothers from each fraternity screaming at one another a lot, some shoving, and then if someone gets really mouthy, the first punch is thrown. Fists continue to fly until girlfriends or police break it up.

They do not, however, usually end with gunshots. But in the middle of the night on February 15, an altercation between Pike and Teke at the University of Georgia did. Assumedly as a scare tactic, 30-45 minutes after the verbal argument began, a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon took out a handgun, pointed it at his rivals, shot a bullet into the air, and then pointed it back at members of Pi Kappa Alpha. This quickly broke up the argument, all members went inside, and no one was hurt. The full report emailed into us by a tipster is below.

Lt. Eric Dellinger (706) 542-5813
Chief Jimmy Williamson (706) 542-5813

On February 15, 2015 at approximately 3:35 a.m. the University of Georgia Police Department received a report of a single gunshot in the area of the Pi Kappa Alpha house on Greek Park Circle on the University of Georgia campus. Preliminary investigation revealed that a verbal altercation between members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity (145 Greek Park Circle) and the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity (160 Greek Park Circle) had occurred approximately thirty to forty-five minutes earlier. According to witness accounts, approximately five to six members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity were standing between the houses while a similar number of members of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity were standing on the second floor landing on the north side of the house. An individual described as a white college aged male wearing a black or dark colored coat stepped out onto the second floor landing from within the Tau Kappa Epsilon house and pointed what appeared to be semi-automatic handgun towards members of Pi Kappa Alpha. The individual raised the gun and fired a single shot in the air and then pointed the gun back at members of Pi Kappa Alpha. At that time members of both fraternities retreated into their respective houses.

No injuries occurred during the incident. Investigators were able to determine the identity of the perpetrator and appropriate actions will be taken.

Based on the information available at this time there is no reason to believe that there should be concern for the safety of those involved in this incident or any continued threat towards the University of Georgia community.

If anyone was present during this incident or has information related to this incident who has not already spoken with the University of Georgia Police Department, please contact a University of Georgia Police Department investigator at 706-542-2200 as soon as possible.

And suddenly, I’m not so mad about the rumors sororities spread about each other on Yik Yak.

Image via UGA TKE

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