Scrolling Your Instagram Feed Officially Makes You Skinny


Whenever I open my Instagram feed, I feel incredibly embarrassed. It’s pretty basic — I follow my friends and my sorority sisters, the Kardashians, a few models, and the occasional guy friend so I don’t look like a total freak. My overtly stereotypical Instagram is not what embarrasses me, however. It’s the fact that peppered amongst the aforementioned photos are pictures of gorgeous brownies, piles of pasta, and a whole smorgasbord of food. And yet right next to these photos, you’ll find posts about the newest running shoes, cheesy workout quotes, and short clips of people lifting weights. I’m quite literally a walking contradiction.

But as it would turn out, my odd obsession with fitness accounts may actually be helping me maintain my fabulously toned (read: pretty mediocre) physique. A new study has just emerged, and the results show that being a part of a virtual weight loss community can help you be more successful in your own weight loss. While this seems pretty obvious, one of the study’s authors goes on to say that people often want to get involved but don’t want to share their personal stories, forcing them away from support groups altogether, which is where Instagram comes in.

We found that the frequency with which you report your weight is a good indicator of positive outcomes. If you monitor your weight, you are engaged. If you communicate online with other people, you are even more engaged. And when you need support, you might be able to get it. There are some nice characteristics about this social network.

Basically, the app has preyed upon human’s lazy and antisocial tendencies, allowing us to react to what other’s post without actually having to post ourselves. No need to comment, post your own photos, or have any human contact at all. Because of this, it acts as the perfect platform for your secretive weight loss journey. Some may call this stalking, but I say to do it in the name of fitness. So go ahead, follow that food porn account. Just make sure to follow a health nut too. It cancels out, right?

[via Elite Daily]

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