Scott Disick Wipes His Ass With Hundreds — Literally?

I first knew I loved Scott Disick in a “You’re an asshole. Never change” kind of way the day he shoved money into a waiter’s mouth on television. The guy just wants everyone to know who’s paying their salaries. My love for him was furthered by his over-the-top sense of fashion and borderline alcoholism, but what really sent me into side-splitting laughter was when he hired an assistant named Dale.

Scott’s douchebaggery knows no bounds. One day he’s forcing an assistant to trade underwear with him, the next, he’s entering people’s homes to make fun of the hill folk as they shoot an alligator for his shoes, and now he’s wiping his ass with money. Literally? Scott took to Instagram to let people know just how rich he is, and how much he hates poor people.

Fuck! Can’t decide what watch to take

Just came out! 50cm hermes birkin covered in hundos

Hello, peasant’s is that u? #fucku

I know yall didn’t think I would actually use toilet paper!


[via TMZ]

Image via Instagram


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