Science Says Your Beer Is Shitty Because The Music You Are Listening To Is Shitty

Beer Facts

Light beer is basically piss water, but we’d all be lying if we said we don’t secretly like it. Beer is the perfect thing (and sometimes the only thing) to sip on while you’re trying to maintain your buzz from the five shots you pounded in your room right as the Uber rolled up. If only there was a way to make your Fratty Lite taste better. *le sigh*

As it turns out, the taste of your beer is directly related to the music you are listening to. Researchers in Brussel, usually known for their sprouts, studied how different music affected people’s taste perception. Participants were instructed to listen to two different types of music while unknowingly drinking the same beer every time, and afterwards, they were asked to describe the beer that they were drinking.

The higher pitched the music, the sweeter the beer seemed. The sadder the song and the heavier the bass, the bitterer the beer seemed. The experiment had a series of three different beers. Each beer would be tasted once during the lighter music and once during the darker music, and each time the participants tasted different flavors. Idiots.

So when I take the AUX plug and bump some old school girl jams, I’m doing everyone a favor? That’s all I need to know.

[via Elite Daily]

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