Science Says You Don’t Need A Boyfriend To Be Happy

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I’ve been single for the last three months, and pretty much the 21 years before that as well. Never in that time did I curse myself for lacking a significant other, because boys are icky and I’m too busy kicking ass and taking names to enter a lasting relationship. Will I ever take the time to lasso some poor, unsuspecting man into submission and domesticate the crap out of him? Probably. Am I going to cry in the meantime because the right side of my bed is caked with dust and cobwebs? Nah.

And science says you shouldn’t, either. A New Zealand study found that people who are single are totally capable of being just as happy as those who are in a relationship. Though prior research suggested that single people are less happy and at higher risk of spending Friday nights downing cheese puffs and Snickers in the dark, our nerdy pals at the University of Auchland have disproved this stigma. You know what this means, ladies. It’s time to throw away your tissues and take the cat you bought out of crippling loneliness and desperation to the pound.

Turns out relationships are a huge source of drama, which comes as a complete shock to absolutely zero women. The study suggested that since single people avoid this conflict, they tend to be pretty happy. I feel that. Life is such an easy ride when you’re blissfully unaware of the very real possibility that you might die alone, surrounded by garage sale trinkets and take out menus.

I’m gonna agree with the research on this one. Being single is awesome, because I won’t ever cheat on myself and I never leave the toilet seat up. It’s nice to have written confirmation that I’m not depressed. Thanks again, scientist people.

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