Science Says People Who Do It For The ‘Gram Enjoy Life More

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There is literally nothing more disappointing in the world than putting on a bomb ass outfit, perfecting your makeup and hair, having a great time with your friends, and not having a single picture to post on Instagram. What’s even the point? It is speculated that our generation is self-obsessed and has a distorted sense of reality, but it turns out we’re the ones doing it right.

What we find is you actually look at the world slightly differently, because you’re looking for things you want to capture, that you may want to hang onto. That gets people more engaged in the experience, and they tend to enjoy it more.

Ha! Take that, society! While you’re bullshitting around and “living in the moment,” we’re objectively looking at our surroundings to find the most photogenic area to share with our loyal fans followers. We have an eye for special moments and an iPhone for capturing them.

Besides, how is everyone going to know how much fun we’re having if we don’t show them? It saves us time when we catch up with each other. We already know what we’ve been up to, so we can talk about serious topics like current events and social issues. That, and what happened this week on The Bachelorette. Can you believe Chad is back on the market?

[via Cosmopolitan]

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