Science Finally Explains Why We Love Man Buns And Beards So Much

Man bun

Whether or not you’re on team man bun, there’s no denying it: girls everywhere are obsessed. Get your average-looking Joe, tell him to grow out his unwashed hair for 18 months, hand him a hair tie and a puppy to cuddle, and bam! Girls ages 18-29 will be drooling over his Instagram in no time. But the man bun alone isn’t enough – ask any girl ever, and she’ll tell you that the only thing better than a man bun is a man bun with a beard. But what is it about these dirty nubs of hair that gets girls so fired up? Well, thanks to science, we finally have our answer.

First, scientists say that we love men with beards because we view them as the most dominant of their species. I like to wear the pants as much as the next girl, and sometimes you’ll find me on team #YesAllWomen, but if there’s anything that the “50 Shades of Grey” phenomenon has taught us is that women still want to be plowed out impressed by the dominance of their man every now and again. So now we have the beard taken care of, what about that greasy mop on our guys’ heads?

Next, scientists analyzed the effect of man buns. Overall, it seems that women view long hair on men similarly to how they view long hair on women – as a symbol of femininity. Other common responses to a poll about man buns showed that they were viewed as “trendy” and “weird.”

So with this positive view of beards and slightly negative view of long hair, why do we go crazy for the bearded, bunned man? Well, science says that it’s because we get the best of both worlds. While we may like a dominant man, we also want someone who’s in tune with our feelings and instinctively buys us tampons and chocolate while we’re lying in bed crying to “The Notebook” for the twelfth time in a row. A bearded man bun gives us that perfect combination of sexy and cute, which, let’s be honest, has been what rom coms have led us to be disappointed by expect over the years. Bearded man buns are our closest chance at finding a modern-day Prince Charming. Even if they do ask us to borrow a hair tie every now and then, they’re still better than all of the cats we were going to have.

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