Scared You’ll Never Get Married? This Company Will Throw You A Fake Wedding


As girls we basically come out of the womb thinking about weddings. If we’re not watching one of TLC’s many wedding shows, we’re pinning engagement rings on Pinterest. We need to get some scientific experiments on this, because there’s no way that this wedding obsession isn’t our blood. Well if you’re a proud single lady like me, you can love being single all you want, but deep down there’s a fear there. No, not a fear of being lonely. A horror that’s even worse than dying alone: dying without a wedding.

You’re not alone. According to my sources (Google), this is a real fear, and it’s called Anuptaphobia. Well gather round crazy, Anuptaphobics, because there’s now an answer for your worries. A company in Argentina will throw you a fake wedding. Crazy? Yes. A viable solution? Yeup.

The company, Falsa Boda, which loosely translates to “False Wedding,” will throw you the fake wedding of your dreams. Falsa Boda offers you four different weddings packages for you and your fake bride/groom/pet to choose from. Here’s what your fake wedding reception could look like. You get a band, drinks, and judgement from all your relatives!


You can really up the anti on your crazy, and include vows with your fake husband! I’d put my money on hiring a male model for the day. Completely sane.


So tell your grandma to quit her nagging, you could get married if you wanted to.

[via BuzzFeed]

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