“Say Yes To The Dress” Is Being Sued For Ruining This Bride’s Wedding (UPDATED)

“Say Yes To The Dress” is one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasure shows. It has everything I could want in a T.V. show – wedding dresses, family drama, and even occasional tears. But the best part about it? The judgment. You judge those brides-to-be so fucking hard for wanting to wear a ball gown (you’re not a princess, sorry not sorry) or a dress with feathers (gaudy AF) or even *gasp* BLACK. A BLACK WEDDING DRESS. WHY?!

SYTTD makes all my reality T.V. dreams come true, but for one bride-to-be, it just became her nightmare. Alexandra Godino, 27, got engaged to hockey player Jeff May early last year, and of course, she went to Kleinfeld to find her perfect wedding dress. The producers of the show were there that day to record a different bride, but that bride ended up cancelling and that’s when they asked Godino to be a part of the show. She agreed, as long as the producers promised not to air the show until after her May 6 wedding. Godino says they agreed, and she ended up picking a $40,000 dress to wear to her fabulous Palm Springs wedding on May 6.

Things started to go south when she was notified that her episode would be airing Friday, March 25, two months before her wedding. She begged producers to push her episode back, but surprisingly, the producers of “Say Yes To The Dress” have absolutely zero respect for the sanctity of a woman’s wedding dress. They told her the episode was airing, tradition (and embarrassment) be damned. That’s when she lawyered up.

Godino’s attorney is asking a Manhattan judge to put a stop to her episode until after her wedding. She insists her dress will be “one of the most important aspects of [her] entire wedding,” and is asking the producers to stick to their word. According to court papers, the terms of the airing of her episode were agreed to by producers verbally, which can still be argued in court. “She’s mortified. To her, it’s huge,” Godino’s lawyer, Frank Taddeo Jr. said.

Some people might say it’s frivolous to take a matter like this to court, but I’m 100 percent on Godino’s side. Having your wedding dress seen by your fiance and all your guests would be a complete disaster for any bride. Sure, you could just tell your fiance to not watch, and maybe not that many guests would watch, but once the episode airs, it’s out there. Godino planned a lavish affair with 300 guests and a 16 piece orchestra and to have this happen is just awful.

I know it’s shitty, but I’m still going to tune in tomorrow to find out if SYTTD just ruined a wedding. I love drama.

UPDATE 3/25/16 11:00 a.m.: A Manhattan judge has denied her request, and the episode showing Gordino’s wedding dress will air tonight as planned. “I appreciate that (airing the show Friday) could take away from the pageantry of the wedding,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Nancy Barron said. The judge argued that Godino signed a contract, so she should’ve known what she was getting herself into.

Half Yard Productions, the production company that shot Godino at Kleinfeld says that they told Godino that her episode would air in spring, but they could not control when TLC would choose to air the show. TLC says it would impossible to delay Godino’s episode, because a different bride in Godino’s episode is appearing in the very next show, “Say Yes To The Address.” TLC also told Good Morning America that this isn’t the first bride to have her episode air before the wedding, and that airdates are never agreed upon when episodes are filmed.

“It really has kind of whirlwinded into this nightmare,” Godino told Good Morning America. “I’m pretty sure every woman who’s ever been married or dreamt about getting married would understand.”

Half Yard Productions responded with the following statement: “We love producing this special show and are proud of its quality and legacy on TLC. Like all the brides we portray, we wish Ms. Godino a happy and successful future.”

Godino is planning to sue the show for damages.

[via New York Daily News]

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