Satan’s Engagement Ring For Sale On Craigslist, Comes With Minor Side Effects

Listen up, gents. If you’re having trouble finding that special lady something romantic for the holidays, the Scranton Craigslist page is a goldmine of gifts this holiday season. A thoughtful fellow is looking to sell a rare, 1.5 carat diamond ring just in time for the holidays. While I won’t turn my head for at least 3K, this guy is willing to make a deal with an eligible suitor and pass this bad boy off for just $1,800 — quite a steal. It’s still in like-new condition and he paid more than he’s willing to admit, but then again, what bro wants to waste his hard, earned buck on some broad?

Just one catch, and it’s kind of a biggie: the ring was previously worn by Satan. The seller is kind enough to let buyers know that there is a possibility of a curse associated with the item and just wants to forewarn anyone interested in the piece of its previous owner. He’s kind enough to post an FDA-esque warning label on the piece: “possible events associated with this ring include but are not limited to: damage sustained to house, vehicle, heart, downed power lines, fallen trees, and swarms of locus.” I’m not quite sure why he’s whining, this chick sounds like a hoot.

The seller understands that this may be a tough sell to those lighthearted folk and has been thoughtful enough to offer some advice by possibly taking the ring to a “voodoo priest or something” to get rid of that bad juju before giving this gift to a slam. Quite the salesman if you ask me. There is, however, a time crunch on the purchase. He’s probably just going to throw it into the fire of Mordor if he doesn’t sell by Christmas, because the dude’s got plans and he can’t have some devil-ring holding him up with NYE just around the corner.

[via The Daily Dot]

Image via Craigslist


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