Rutgers Posts Hilarious Photo Of Some Dude’s Giant Penis To Facebook After Mud Run

Mud Run

We live in the age of the 5K, and for whatever reason, 5Ks have to be messy in order to be cool. The most popular ones I know of are color runs and mud runs, but I’m not really impressed when I see a photo of someone covered in filth in the name of his or her race. It’s chic. It’s trendy. It’s nothing new. And it would continue to be nothing new when Rutgers University allegedly posted a photo to its Facebook page of four runners who’d just participated in a mud run, RU Muddy–but one of the runners, apparently, has a third leg.

Mud Run Penis

Somehow, nobody noticed it was there until it was posted to Imgur two days ago. The post is no longer on Rutgers’ Facebook page for obvious reasons, though many Imgur users are claiming the, err, bulge is simply an air bubble caused by the young man’s wet clothing. I can see that. But I can also see its striking resemblance to a massive penis. Either way, this guy is set for at least the next four years at school with the ladies.

[via Imgur]

Image via Elite Daily

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