Ruby Rose Throws Tantrum At Restaurant In New Orleans

Ruby Rose Throws Tantrum At Restaurant In New Orleans

Ruby Rose is a bad ass bitch. She takes no shit, including from the waitstaff at the Rebellion Bar and Urban Kitchen in New Orleans. Ruby was there DJing or something, so she and her posse decided to get some shrimp on the barbie (I’m assuming). It took her 15 minutes for her party of 10 to be seated, 40 minutes to get appetizers, and 10 minutes to get entrees. The appetizers would piss me off a little, but I’d say it’s pretty reasonable. Ruby would disagree.

As Ruby got visibly angry, the owner offered to comp the apps and even buy them drinks, but Ruby was not having it. She sniped the bartender with a french fry, and then told the owner she would “kick his ass if she were a bigger man.” The bartender, thinking it was an accident, asked if everything was ok. Ruby grabbed a handful of fries and chucked them right at him. IN THE FAAAAACE. Needless to say, they were kicked out of the restaurant.

In an ironic twist, Ruby Rose tweeted positively about NOLA.

Let’s not take away from the fact that Ruby Rose, an adult human, threw french fries at a bartender, another adult human, out of hanger. If I had a nickel for every time I wanted to throw food at somebody, I would have at least $1.50. What a heroic feat for all of humankind. I don’t want to say the bartender deserved it, but I mean, it was pretty funny.

[via NOLA]

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