RIP PCB – Drinking Officially Banned On Beach During Spring Break 2016


I can’t believe it. Just like that, you were taken from us. It seems like only yesterday I was with you. Getting drunk. Making out with random guys. taking shots off of my best friend’s tits. You were beautiful, and disgusting, and full of life and mistakes. I can’t believe it’s over, Panama City Beach. I can’t believe that next year when I’m packing for spring break, I won’t be coming to you. Or on you, for that matter. Because alcohol was banned at PCB beaches for SB16.

It wasn’t your fault. I want you to know that. You didn’t deserve this. They did this to you. Sure, some could point fingers at us and say that we’re to blame, but come. on. It’s not like things were that bad. I mean sure, we trashed the beach. And sure, we did illegal drugs in broad daylight. And okay, we might have literally had sex on the beach. But still. That doesn’t mean that they had to take alcohol away from you. From us. released the gory details this morning, and it’s almost too painful to read.

After years of discussion, months of loud public outcry and a battle of dueling t-shirts, the Panama City Beach City Council unanimously approved a motion Tuesday night to ban alcohol consumption on the beaches during March 2016, the peak of the college spring break season.

The council voted 5-0 in favor of the ban in the closing minutes of a three-hour council meeting that took place at the Arnold High School auditorium rather than the usual city council chambers to accommodate the hundreds of residents who wanted to weigh in on the proposals.

Members of the group Citizens for a New Panama City Beach erupted into applause after the vote was taken

How could they do this to us?! Everyone is devastated by this loss. The outrage is pouring in. And I want you to know that we all think that this is total horse shit.

I’d say we’ll never forget you, but we forgot you while we were there. Which might be the problem. Oh well, until this ban is lifted, RIP PCB.


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Rachel Varina

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