Rihanna Songs Have Been Turned Into Lullabies Because, Duh


“Pon De Replay” was Rihanna’s breakout song that got every girl at the Bar Mitzvah doing body rolls, introducing the boys to manhood with their first boners. Since then, she has been consistently putting out serious bangers. Her music just gets into your bones and your hips start moving in ways you never knew they could. Her songs are H-O-T-T HOTT. But if you thought they couldn’t get any better, you were dead ass wrong.

Rihanna’s club anthems are being introduced to the next generation by virtue of lullabies. Your baby can sleep under your umbrella-ella-ella-ay, pour it up pour it up, or spend the night in Disturbia. Her eyes will light up like diamonds in the sky when you play Rihanna and she’ll feel like the only girl in the world as she drifts off the sleep.

If you think her songs are awesome to turn up to, wait until you hear how hard they turn down.

Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the Rude Boys bite.

[via Billboard]

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