Rihanna Goes Clubbing And Comes Home With A Puppy, Literally Does Not Give A Single Fuck

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You never know what you’ll wake up next to the morning after a night of clubbing. He could be a 10, he could be a troll, or he could be long gone. Unless you’re Rihanna, in which case he probably has four legs and a whole lot of body hair.

The singer returned home from a club on Saturday night with a brand new puppy in tow, because why the fuck not? Her friend captured Snapchats of Rihanna snuggling the new pooch, and it’s friggin’ adorable. Apparently men just aren’t cutting it anymore.

“Well, I found him in a bathroom somewhere.” Is she for real? I want her dog, I want her weird denim jumpsuit thing, and I definitely want her life. Who just goes out to party and ends up coming home with a new dog? The type of person who really doesn’t give a fuck, apparently. I’m just hoping this doesn’t turn into a Bieber/monkey situation and she actually keeps the puppy, who she decided should be named Pepe.

The stakes have been raised, and we all officially need to step up our shacker game.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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