Ridiculous Husband Straps GoPro To His Head And Films His Wife’s Race To The Hospital

GoPro Baby


Now, when you hear that phrase from your wife/girlfriend/baby mama, what do you do? Grab the go-bag as you practiced and load it into the car with your pregnant wife, who’s doing a little bit more than expecting? Make sure she’s comfortable as something the size of a watermelon pops out her hoo-hah? Nope! Grab your GoPro camera and strap it on for the ride of a lifetime! “Maybe this’ll go viral, honey! The whole WORLD needs to see how Baby Hashtag got to Earth IRL!”

Sigh. Welcome to the age of the Internet.

This video is actually incredible, though. Kristin Dickerson, wife of GoPro-wielding videographer Troy Dickerson, who screamed the entire way to the hospital in AGONY, gave birth to the baby literally STEPS outside of the hospital. The couple raced 95 mph down a highway in Roseburg, Texas, during which Kristin shouted, “I can’t make it! I can’t make it! We need to stop!”

They made it to the hospital at the absolute last second, because when she got to the hospital with her wheelchair, she took a step, stopped, and delivered the baby–standing. She was in her husband’s arms as paramedics, nurses, and doctors rushed out to assist. You snooze, you lose, medicine jockeys!

But real talk. The time that guy probably took looking for his GoPro definitely would’ve been better served getting his wife to the hospital. I imagine he said, “Oh, God, honey. I need, like, 10 more minutes to charge this thing up. Gah, why did I use this all up bird-watching?”

Kidding. It’s an amazing video and a beautiful reminder of what the human body can do. Check it out!

[via Gawker]

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