Restaurants Now Serving Phone Chargers With Food So Patrons Can Instagram

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Remember when food consumption was about, you know, eating, instead of documenting every second of your nomming experience? Sure, there are moments you’d rather leave undocumented–like when you stuff your face with your roommates post-mixer or you do an explorer’s experiment of your own on Ben & Jerry’s Cores–but now the majority of meals are more documented than your middle school misery in your Live Journal.

Let’s be honest. We all have that one sorority sister who seems to regularly eat out at the most glamourous restaurants. While we’re slaving away over a bowl of Easy Mac or gnawing on a half-frozen pizza slice, she’s ‘gramming from truly exquisite eateries. You’re equal parts jealous and intrigued–how does she afford all this food, and how does she stay so skinny? Unclear. But if you’re interested in issuing some friendly food competition, you need to visit Philadelphia, where Volver, a fancy-pants restaurant, is serving up cell phone chargers on a silver platter. Literally.

This new type of nom is called “camera cuisine,” and I can’t help but wonder if it tastes good without a filter. While some chefs are banning cameras completely, other restaurants are really encouraging promo posts of their fancy fare. On its website, Volver encourages eaters to tag the restaurant on social media, which sounds kind of #thirsty to me. It’s understandable, because a social post is free PR for the restaurant in question. So instead of spending on press releases, why not put those dollars toward charging stations?

[via ABC News]
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