Recruitment Counselors At University Of Oklahoma Will Not Disaffiliate For Recruitment


One of my favorite parts of recruitment, from when I was a potential new member, a recruitment counselor, and finally Queen of the Recruitment Counselors (I can’t remember the actual title, but that seems close enough), was when the recruitment counselors revealed what chapters they were from on Bid Day. As a PNM, it was fun to obsessively stalk my RC online to try and guess what chapter she was from. As an RC and HBIC of RCs, it was entertaining to see what chapters the excited/scared newbies thought I belonged (for the record, they were never, ever right).

Well, the potential new members and recruitment counselors at University of Oklahoma won’t get that experience during their next recruitment, because they will know up front what chapters their recruitment counselors, called Rho Gammas at OU, are from. For the past few years, Rho Gammas at OU have had the individual choice rather to disaffiliate or not, but for this coming fall’s formal recruitment, everyone will remain affiliated with their chapter instead of concealing their membership.

As you can imagine, there are some differing opinions on bucking the tradition of RCs remaining “chapterless.” According to OU Daily,

Taylor Fono, acting sophomore and Delta Gamma member, said she believes it would be best for Rho Gammas to disaffiliate because she thinks that girls going through recruitment could end up picking chapters based on their Rho Gammas.

On the other hand, Angela Nguyen, a biochemistry senior and Alpha Chi Omega member, thinks being affiliated during rush could be more positive because those going through recruitment could ask their Rho Gammas what their chapters are like and could get more of a feel for what the members are like.

“When you’re in a chapter you have so much more information about the girls in there because there’s just such a variety…and I think that’s just the hardest part to remember during recruitment,” she said.

Honestly, I’m torn. Sure, knowing what chapter my RCs were from could have saved me some hours in internet stalking that I could have spent on school work during an already busy week. On the flip side, however, I think I definitely would have been influenced — both positively and negatively — toward certain chapters if I had known what houses those ladies were from.

So I’ll leave it to you — what do you think?

Should recruitment counselors disaffiliate from their chapters during recruitment?

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[via OU Daily]

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