“Real Life Ken” Publicly Mocks “Real Life Barbie”

If you’ve never heard of the real life Barbie and Ken, you’re in for a treat. I don’t mean the people whose images Barbie and Ken were derived from. Those people don’t exist. I mean the people who derived their images from Barbie and Ken — not in an “Oh em gee! You look like Barbie!” way. In an actual “You look like a fake doll” way.

Meet 28-year-old Valeria Lukyanova, Russia’s very own Barbie doll. It has been her life-long goal to look like the doll that everyone loves. To achieve her look, she tells people, she relies only on the gym and on makeup. Aside from some contacts and a boob job, she claims to be all natural.


I have trouble believing this, of course. I also “didn’t get a nose job.”

Now meet 34-year-old Justin Jedlica, also known as “the real life Ken.”


The best part about these two freaks who have devoted their lives to looking like fictional characters? They hate each other. They met this February for a TV appearance and have described each other as nemeses ever since.

Barbie and Ken

Jelica disparages upon Lukyanova, because unlike him, a person who’s spent about $150,000 on 100+ cosmetic surgeries, including five nose jobs, a brow bone shape, and cheek, lip, and butt injections, Valeria has had virtually no physical enhancements to achieve her dream. Our Ken doll views this as cheating. She can wipe it all off at the end of the day. She’s not really dedicated to BEING Barbie. She’s nothing more than a drag queen utilizing makeup, he says. When she washes her face at night, “there’s nothing special about her.” Anyone can do it. Anyone can be Barbie. Even Ken.

To prove his point, he dressed up in drag and dressed up as Barbie himself. “And in all honesty,” he says, “I think I make an even prettier Barbie than she does!” Decide for yourself, but in either case, they’re both freaks.

Ken as Barbie

[via Daily Mail]


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