Real Life Exes Sit Down And Talk About Why They Cheated And It’s INCREDIBLE


It happened. He cheated. He tore your heart out of your fucking body and made you feel like an idiot. It tormented you for awhile. Moving on felt impossible. But you did it. Somehow.

Two real life exes, Ali and Andrew know the feeling. These two college sweethearts dated for seven years before breaking up two years ago, only to be reunited now. In an honest, painful, and absolutely beautiful video published by Glamour Magazine, these two people sat down and talked about all of the things we leave unsaid. When we breakup, there are so many things you wish you could ask. What happened? Why did you do it? Do you miss me?

But usually, you can’t. So you sit and you wonder and you stalk the shit out of their social media to try to understand. The more you look, however, the more you realize that this person who you once loved more than anything in the world, is someone you don’t know. And chances are, you’re never going to get to get the answers to the questions that haunt you at night.

But when Glamour decided to bring two exes back together to discuss everything we want to know but haven’t been able to ask, the results are breathtaking. I’m not sure if they expected this to be the product, but it is the most honest, genuine, bittersweet love story about what happens after you walk away. After the credits roll. After the lights come up and everyone moves on.

This is the result. Brace yourself. It’s everything.

Trust me. It gets even better (or worse, depending on how you look at it).

Maybe we wont all get the chance to sit down the person who broke our heart and get answers. Maybe we’ll have to accept the unknown and just keep moving forward. But watching these two people who so obviously loved each other speak so honestly gives me courage. And hope. And it makes you realize that just because you can’t be with someone you loved, it doesn’t mean that it was a mistake. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t beautiful and lovely and powerful.

So just like Ali and Andrew, you pick yourself up and keep going. You keep loving. And you keep trying. Because at the end of it all, the love story with a happy ending is the one where you love yourself. Love the journey. And love every single part of your past, and who it’s shaped you into. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go stalk my exes and ugly cry for the rest of the day.

[via Elite Daily, Glamour Magazine]

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