Real Couple In An Open Relationship Talks About Sleeping With Other People

Open Relationship

There’s no one right way to be in a relationship. For some people a relationship is talking to their partner 24/7. For others, it’s talking to them once every few months. Some people feel the need to document their love on social media, and some people don’t believe in love at all. For the most part, it’s whatever. We’re so busy with stalking our own boyfriends that we move on and don’t really care. Every now and again, however, you’ll see something in a relationship that makes you pause, sit back, and wonder.

This video will do just that. A young couple talks about being in a polyamorous relationship, AKA an “open relationship.” They’re each other’s “main partner” but they still hook up with other people. Lots and lots of other people. It’s an absolutely fascinating view on a what it’s like to date multiple partners at the same time, AND IT NOT COUNT AS CHEATING (mind blown).

It definitely wouldn’t work for everyone (read: me), but if you can put the jealousy aside and embrace all that life (and different genitals) have to offer, who knows? It’s a whole other world filled with lots of sex, lots of choices, and lots of accepting of other girls in your bed. Cheers to them, but as for me? I’m getting jealous just thinking about it.

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