Racially Charged Art At University Of Minnesota Features SAE, Attacks Greek Life (Photo)

The world is becoming a very bleak place for Greek life. Following a series of disturbing events over the past few months, there was a serious push to repair the badly tarnished reputation of Greeks nationwide. We have worked our asses off to show that we really do care about philanthropy, our society, and people of all races.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough.

We just received an anonymous tip regarding this extremely disturbing artwork found at the University of Minnesota that makes Greek life look awful. Again.


The tip went on to say…

Today a member of my fraternity told me about at work of art featuring SAE and racial connotations on campus. After finding this art, it is a 10 foot painting depicting such things as a man hanging in a noose along with a kid wearing an SAE shirt. There are many other symbols such as a bible but the piece more or less calls out greek life for perpetuating racism. This is in a school building and therefore would be endorsed by the University. Myself and other non-affiliated students are shocked by the art and I have a feeling shit will hit the fan once SAE and more people find out.

We are yet to see comment from the University of Minnesota or SAE.

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Rachel Varina

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