Queen Elizabeth’s Cousin Says She’s “Not Terribly” Excited About The Royal Baby

Apparently, the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret Rhodes, has passive aggressively taken the British monarchy by storm. The whole country, nay, world, is sitting at the edge of its seat awaiting the royal birth, but Rhodes is largely disinterested. In a public interview with CNN, the Queen’s former bridesmaid gave her opinion:

“Everybody has babies and it’s lovely, but I don’t get wildly excited about it.”

BURN. Cool, Kate. You’re having a baby. I remember my first time pushing a human life through my vaginal canal. I love it. That’s exactly how I feel about this royal baby situation. I get it, this child is going to be the next heir to the throne, but in case you haven’t noticed, Queen Elizabeth is immortal, so the new baby won’t be in charge of that bitch until like 3016.

Rhodes continued the interview hoping that the baby would lead a relatively normal life, no doubt to point out that the Queen’s glamorous life was actually in some way worse than her own. At least I’m assuming that she’s just jelly that she isn’t queen.

Maggie dearest went on to discuss Duchess Kate. Apparently the two haven’t spent much time together, but she’s glad that “she won’t sort of vie for coverage, which Diana perhaps did.”

BURRRRRNNNNNN. I have nothing to say about Kate, except that she’s less of an attention whore than Diana. I love this Margaret Rhodes character. Love. Her.

But in all seriousness, her interview seemed pretty genuine. She’s a badass, nonetheless.

[via E!]

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