PSA: Popular Fad Diet Might Get You Pregnant

PSA: Popular Fad Diet 'Teatox' Might Get You Pregnant

This is every girl’s worst nightmare come to life. There you are, just trying to get skinny for the summer so you hop on the latest diet craze, a tea detox that flushes out your digestive system, and instead you just get fatter. Except it’s not the good kind of fat that goes straight to your boobs, but the kind that gives you a baby at the end of it all. This is the reality for some women who ingested a popular teatox cleanse called Bootea, one of the more popular teatoxes in the UK, and became pregnant even though they were on the pill.

Even if you’re religious about taking the pill, it could happen to you too if you take part in this new fad diet. Apparently teatoxes can flush out your digestive system so fast that it sometimes prevents birth control from being absorbed in the bloodstream.

Naomi Salt discovered this information just a little too late, after she discovered she was pregnant shortly after starting the 28-day program.

“I am over the moon now, but I was shocked and worried at first to say the least. I am regimental about taking my pill and my first reaction was, ‘How has this happened?’” said Salt.

Salt found her answer after checking out the frequently asked questions page on Bootea’s official website. There it states that Bootea warns customers that the tea may interfere with the pill’s effectiveness if flushed out by the detox before it has a chance to enter the bloodstream. You would think that this kind of side effect would be advertised on the product in big flashing letters, but it wasn’t. The package Bootea comes in contains absolutely no warning to women about the way the tea interferes with birth control.

Salt, although now happy about her upcoming bundle of joy, is disappointed in the company for not warning its consumers. “It is irresponsible,” she said, “they’ve got a duty of care to young women like myself. Bootea assumes people check the website but not everyone will.”

Who checks the website for anything, ever? I don’t even read the terms and conditions for things online. The one good thing to come out of this is that now people are posting all over the internet about the risk of pregnancy with this specific brand. It’s so important to do your research before starting any kind of diet regime, whether it’s crazy diet pills or crazy diet tea. While I think Bootea deserves most of the blame for leaving this major side effect off of their packaging, you also have to be your own health advocate.

[via Daily Mail]

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