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Providence College Sends Inflated SAT And ACT Averages To US News And World Reports

Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island is a fairly prestigious private school. I applied there, but got totally nervous I wouldn’t get in, so I never sent them my mid-year transcripts, which I don’t think I ever told my parents until, errr, now. It was the only school I was rejected from. All for the best, though. It’s not that fun, and I visited with my mother, who is a preeeettty good time.

This year, the school submitted its students’ average test scores to the US News incorrectly. The data presented suggests that Providence students had an average SAT reading score of 611, when the actual average score was 569, an average math score of 624 when it was actually 580, and an ACT score of 28, when it was actually 25. What I’m getting from all this is that people still don’t give a shit about your SAT writing score, which means my extra hours testing went in vain.

The misrepresented data was not significant enough to change the school’s regional ranking, which seems fishy, because those are sort of large discrepancies, but whatever. Providence spokesman Steven Mauran insists that the misinformation was sent by mistake.

We caught the error ourselves and reported it to U.S. News immediately, along with the correct data that we should have supplied in the first place.

In any case, one fact remains true: once you get into college, no one will ever care about your SAT score (or your GPA) ever again.

[via Huffington Post]

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