Pros And Cons Of A Long Distance Relationship

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Long distance relationships used to flummox me. Why would someone in college not only limit herself to one person, but also not even get to fully enjoy that one person because he or she lives hours away? I would shake my head in pity at the sister dancing alone at date parties, knowing she was solo because her boyfriend at the state school back home wasn’t comfortable with her taking a guy friend. Then, when Mr. Perfect did come to visit, no one would see her for days.

Then one year, something shocking happened: I found myself in a totally accidental long distance relationship. Suddenly, I was the girl taking my roommate to date parties, not shaving my legs, and going out with no intention of bringing someone home. And it wasn’t as terrible as I thought. Like most experiences in life, there are pros and cons.

Pro: You can pretty much do whatever you want all week. Don’t feel like wearing makeup? Fine. Want to eat the same thing every night for five days straight? You go, Glen Coco.
Con: You’re going long periods of time away from a very important person…and sex.

Pro: Vibrators exist. Also, the sex is so much more incredible when you do finally get it on. If you eat the same thing every day, you’ll get sick of it. The same can be said for penis.
Con: Mid-week date parties are impossible. You end up taking the most platonic guy friend possible, or your roommate.

Pro: You get the whole bed to yourself most of the time. Which side of the bed is mine? The middle.
Con: You’re even more attached to your phone than the average person who isn’t in a long distance relationship. Your schedule revolves around phone calls and Skype dates.

Pro: You can vent and freely gossip to him without fear of it getting back to anyone.
Con: He’s not very close to your school friends.

Pro: You actually use Snapchat for its intended purpose.
Con: If Snapchat ever gets hacked and all of the pictures are public you’re so screwed. #nudes

Pro: He doesn’t know exactly how much time you spend in sweatpants…or no pants.
Con: You’ve got so few pictures with each other that some of your friends think you’re making him up.

Pro: You get to spend a lot of time with your girlfriends without feeling like you’re neglecting him.
Con: When he does come for a visit, you completely disappear.

Pro: You can go an epically long time without shaving.
Con: When all of your friends are going to PCB or Dirty Myrtle for spring break, you’re probably flying off to a much colder destination to visit him.

Pro: Surprises are way more romantic–like flowers, or showing up spontaneously for the weekend.
Con: PDA rules go out the window. You may find yourself yelling, “I HAVEN’T SEEN HIM IN A MONTH!!” at a total stranger who
you perceived to judge you for a public kiss.

Pro: You’ve found someone so great that you’re willing to look past all the cons, and that’s pretty cool.

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